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Welcome to the Virtual Gastric Band!

This programme will use the power of your imagination to create a hypnotic pouch in your stomach for portion control. You'll see in the picture opposite what we will use your imagination to create. Really focus on that band in the picture as in the first session that will be going on you! Imagine your plates of food getting smaller to allow for the new stomach size.

Read The Golden Rules. Make sure they are in place before you start the sessions. DO NOT skip any rules!

Have a great journey to a fitter, slimmer, healthier you!

The Golden Rules!


Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Programme 

The Guidelines for Success

Hypnotically, your stomach has now been shrunk to the size of your smallest fist. In order to aid your weight control, it is very important that you follow the enclosed guidance that will help with the psychological impact of your Virtual Gastric Band, and also your past relationship with food, thus in turn aiding your weight loss.

Make a resolution now to take responsibility and follow these instructions to the letter and success will be yours!


Go out and at the earliest opportunity purchase an item of clothing in the size that you want to be. It has to be something brand new and NOT something that you already have from the past and no longer fits. It does not have to be anything expensive.

When you get it, hang it on the OUTSIDE of your wardrobe in a place where you will see it often. This will set a target for your subconscious to achieve.


The CD utilises a multitude of the latest mind management techniques and is a very important part of our work together. It is absolutely essential that you listen to it at least once a day (more if you can) for the next 28 days. The CD will create new neural pathways in your brain relating to your associations and attitudes towards food. It will also reinforce the live sessions that you attend.

You will increase the effect tenfold if you listen to the CD using stereo headphones, via an iPod or a CD walkman. You will need to sit in a comfortable chair or rest on your bed.



Enjoy every mouthful of food, but slow your eating down: chew your food thoroughly (approx 15-20times a mouthful). Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls; put your sandwich down between mouthfuls.

Do not eat in front of the television or whilst reading as you will not be conscious of what you’re eating. Sit down and focus purely on the food in front of you.


Choose protein first, as you need 50-70 grams of protein per day. As your portion sizes will be dramatically reduced, it may be worth investing in some small plates and bowls.


To ensure you are still taking in all the vitamins you need.


It is a very important element of the Virtual Gastric Band that you take some form of exercise, for 30 minutes per day. This can be as simple as going for a walk. As you will be eating less than your body needs to function, it has to make up the difference by burning reserves. If you do not exercise daily, you body will metabolize your unused muscle and you will lose muscle mass and strength. Exercise will communicate to your body that you want to use your muscles and force it to burn up the fat instead. Walk, skip and dance around the house – move it!

*If you have diabetes, monitor your blood sugars carefully. You may need to adjust insulin or diabetes medication.

Dealing with Head Hunger

Head hunger refers to a condition whereby you think you need food but your body is not actually the one demanding energy. Something else is triggering you to require food.

Here are SIX ways to deal with head hunger:

  1. Take a sip of water
  2. Wait it out (about ten minutes)
  3. Exercise – walk, stretch etc
  4. Concentrate on deep, slow breathing
  5. Tell yourself the feeling will pass
  6. Eat a little bit of something nutritious

Give Yourself Support

It is important to recognise as you go through this programme and the changes demanded by the Virtual Gastric Band, that you will frequently have to be your own support. To do so requires that you take some ownership of the process. In other words, make this YOUR weight loss programme, take pride in what you are doing and revel in each goal achieved.

It may help if you write down why you want to lose weight, and your short-term and long-term goals. Outline any strengths and weaknesses, and what you are going to do about those weaknesses. For example, if you have a weakness for chocolate, try not to allow it in the house!

Reward yourself for the small goals reached: Why not treat yourself to a facial or ticket to a sports match for every half-stone you lose?!


The Sessions


Session One

We go straight into the gastric band installation in this session! Future imagery and really enforcing a new, positive, healthy lifestyle.


Session Two

In this session we look at releasing blocks to the body you want and getting different parts inside of you to work as a team.


Session Three

We take a trip to the cinema, create the ideal you and step into it! We also let the old bad habits float away.....


Session Four

This is about focusing on maintaining the slimmer mindset and not letting obstacles get in the way of the you that you deserve to be! 


Support Audio

This audio is designed to used after the programme has finished. If you need a boost or the band tightened, or just a reminder to keep on track, then listen to this! Can be listened to weekly or when needed.


The Band Tweaker!

This is a video to help you manually tighten the band should you feel it slipping. Watch the video with the same focus and absorption as you would your favourite film, really feel it tightening! 

What next?


Now you go and enjoy a fitter mind, healthier body positive choices with food!

If you need a bit more help, then take a look at my Slim for Success programme. It's an in-depth, complete weight loss programme looking at mind, exercise and food and is fantastic for people that need a little more help.

Slim for Success

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Thank you for allowing me on your weight loss journey.


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26th June 2020

The Virtual Gastric Band!

This is a members only page. If you have paid your membership and seeing this page then please get in contact and we will rectify it […]