26th January 2019

Heart Breathing for Health!

The below video is an instructional video on heart breathing. Heart-focused breathing is about directing your attention to the heart area and breathing a little more […]
13th January 2019

Autism – A disorder?

We live in a world governed by pack mentality. If you’re not with us then you’re against us, if you’re not in the group you’re out […]
19th May 2018

5 Surprising Things That Affect Your Weight

There are a lot of things that can affect your weight. While the most obvious factor is the type of food you eat, you’d be surprised […]
25th March 2018

Ways To Achieve And Maintain Happiness

Being happy is important to your overall health, well-being and life. Of course, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and there are times that you feel […]
23rd December 2017

The Lingering Trauma of Whiplash

Suffering from whiplash is no joke, despite what others may think. After being in an accident, you may experience whiplash for years to come given the […]
15th December 2017

Why A Protein-Packed Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight!

You’ve probably heard numerous times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? And the logic behind that is eating in the am […]
23rd November 2017

Our Negative Brain and What to do About it!

Do you think the glass is half empty instead of half full? Or maybe you’re usually the pessimist in your group of friends? Whatever it is […]
14th November 2017

The Link between Gut Bacteria and Anxiety

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about how your gut health affects more than your digestive system. In fact, more and more studies have found that […]
3rd November 2017

Why Kefir is the Key to Improved Health

Kefir has some amazing nutritional benefits and can do wonders for your body! But, if you’re like many, you’ve probably never even heard about kefir. Coconut […]
19th October 2017

The Pose of Power!

How would you like to reduce your stress levels, boost your confidence, alleviate your anxiety and feel more powerful – all under two minutes? You might […]