Slide Are you a comfort eater?
Fed up of endless dieting?
Are you ashamed of your body?
If you’ve YES to any of these then this program will provide you with everything you need to lose
weight and keep it off so you can feel from the prison of the old you!
Lose weight and Feel Great!

Why should you bSlim?

Get control of food cravings

Discover the hidden reasons for emotional eating

Lose weight naturally & easily

No diets, weighing and measuring food

A plan the works for life

A mind body approach back by science

Learn to feel good about your body

Build body confidence


There are reasons, each and every time, as to why the diets aren’t working…

Most diets focus on food and more specifically on the deprivation or restriction of some foods or food groups. If you are overweight or not happy with your body then the problem is not food – it’s the reason you eat when you are not hungry.

The truth is that we don’t struggle with a lack of information on what to eat and how to exercise.

What we struggle with is what’s going on internally, deep in our unconscious minds, that’s making it difficult to make good eating and exercising decisions, and is biologically triggering fat gaining hormones in our bodies that prevent us from losing weight.

One of the main thing that prevents people from losing weight is deep unconscious traumas, patterns and beliefs about our weight, our bodies and ultimately about who we are…
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A Way to Change It All

The team at bSlim have combined modern science with successfully coaching weight loss clients from an emotional, physical and psychological perspective to create this exciting unique approach to lifelong health and wellbeing.

How bSlim can Finally help you to Lose Weight, Keep It Off, and Feel Confident in Your Body…

Why most people get stuck...

Why only focusing on food and exercise can lead to yo-yo dieting with stagnant results (and what to do to get at the root of your weight loss challenges)

Going from fat storing to fat burning...

How to reprogram your brain and your body so that they switch from fat storing to fat burning mode.


Discover the root of what is preventing you from losing weight easily.

The specific hormone...

The specific hormone that most people are overloaded with that ruins any chance of losing weight (and how to control it)

What happens in your brain...

What happens in your brain when you lose control to food cravings (and how to eliminate these cravings to get control back!)


Four sessions to transform your mind, your body, and your life. Work with our highly-trained and trusted coaches 1-to-1 so they can hold your hand and walk you through every step of overcoming your psychological barriers to weight loss. You'll be part of a private community of like-minded people on the same path, supporting and each other along the way.


4 bespoke sessions tailored to your individual needs
Expert detailed nutrition guide
Step by step Practical self-help techniques for optimal health
Delicious weight loss recipe book


Four weeks to transform your mind, your body, and your life. Overcome psychological barriers to successful weight loss in this life changing 4-week program. You"ll learn a simple mind tricks to stop your food cravings in minutes and experience a revolutionary process to finally put an end to emotional eating. You&"ll be free from the prison of endless diets and restrictions.

Next available course dates

May 12th - June 2nd 2020
Location: Rowan House, Hethersett, Norfolk

4 weekly group meetings

Expert detailed nutrition guide

Practical self-help techniques for optimal health

Delicious weight loss recipe book

A Science-Based Solution

From many years of research on neuroscience, modern psychology, self-sabotage, emotional eating and nutrition developed the foundational philosophies and science that we use in our programs. Yes, there is real science to back this stuff up, and there are mounting credible resources and studies showing the efficacy of these methods.

Our mission is clear to offer a simple, science-based solution that eliminates food cravings and resolves emotional eating issues for good! So you can live a life as the healthiest happiest version of you.


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